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Discover Cuilcagh Boardwalk In 2019

Cuilcagh Boardwalk
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  • 2019-07-09

Discover Cuilcagh Boardwalk In 2019

Discover Cuilcagh Boardwalk – Stairway to Heaven Ireland

Cuilcagh Boardwalk and Lake Atona


Cuilcagh Boardwalk called sometimes Stairway To Heaven and Cuilcagh Mountain Park covers 2,500 hectares on the northern slopes of Cuilcagh Mountain, in the heart of the global geopark Marble Arch Caves. The Cuilcagh Legnabrocky Trail is approximately 7.4 km long, there are gravel, a wooden promenade or a staircase and a mountain path at the very top.

Cuilcagh Mountain has a height of 665 m above sea level (2188 ft), which makes it the highest place in this part of Ireland.

Wandering to the top we look at the geological landscape covering the period of up to 8 million years. The Cuilcagh Boardwalk trail was founded in 1998 with the help of the LIFE Peatlands project in the European Union and the Heritage Lottery Fund to restore the destroyed peat bogs and preserve nature in a “virgin” shape.

Stairway to Heaven Ireland Cuilcagh Boardwalk Trail

The entire Cuilcagh Mountain Boardwalk route (7.4 km) should take about 4 hours with a normal walk

Lake Atona, located at the foot of the mountain, was cut by a glacier during the last Ice Age around 13,000 years ago.

The human influence on the Cuilcagh Mountain Boardwalk comes from the period 4000 – 2500 BC, they left behind traces in the form of megaliths or stone tombs. The remains of the tombs, which are located at the western and eastern extremes of the peak at 665 m, are a remnant of another epoch – the Bronze Age (2,500-500 BC). The next traces of man’s residence in this area in the following periods up to the Middle Ages are now abandoned stone cottages and walls.


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View on Lough Macnean Near To Entry To Cuilcagh Mountain Boardwalk

Cuilcagh Mountain Boardwalk

Address: Cuilcagh Mountain Boardwalk  Enniskillen BT92 1ER, United Kingdom
Opening hours:
Open 24 hours a day
Phone: +44 28 6634 8855
Province: Ulster

Car Park provided – 6 euro per car


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Marble Arch Next To Cuilcagh Boardwalk Trial

Florencecourt is a small village in Northern Ireland, located on the northern slopes of the Cuilcagh mountain in Fermanagh. The main tourist attraction here is the complex of natural limestone caves Marble Arch. These caves were discovered and investigated in 1895 by Édouard-Alfred Martel.

The entire complex consists of more than 6 kilometers of labyrinths and corridors, full of phenomenal forms of stalactites and stalagmites. The biggest attraction is a boat trip along the Cladagh River underground river with numerous winding cave corridors.

Electric lighting was assembled in the caves. The trip takes about 75 minutes. Marble Arch Caves are considered to be one of the most beautiful caves in the whole of Great Britain.

Marble Arch Caves, whose system stretches for 11.5 kilometers, is located in Northern Ireland in Fermanagh County. They were formed by three rivers, and today they are one of the most beautiful caves available for visiting in Ireland.
All this is due to the fact that by visiting them we go through winding paths, up and down the stairs, a wide treadmill and narrow paths, we enter the tiny chambers to be in huge and high caves after a while, and in addition, we start the trip by boat on the lake.
First, the guide tells us about the times when these caves were created. He claims that the climate at that time was similar to the one currently in the Canary Islands. We all agree that this climate has changed. He only changed a bit. Then he leads us through quite numerous stairs down to the entrance to the caves

Marble Arch web site


Ticket Prices

– normal: GBP 8.75
– concessional: GBP 5.75
– student:  GBP 5.95

Opening hours

– from March 16 to June from 10: 00-16: 30
– July – August from 10: 00-17: 00
– September: 10: 00-16: 30

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