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Affordable Hotel Accommodation Dublin In 2019

Hotel Accommodation Dublin

Affordable Hotel Accommodation Dublin In 2019

Hotel Accommodation Dublin


Looking for accommodation in Dublin, unless we have a very rich wallet, is a difficult task. Prices for Europe are very high, and the choice of budget accommodation is limited mainly to dormitory rooms in hostels or, at best, to rooms with a shared bathroom.

For a good price for a well-assessed room with a private bathroom for two people can be considered around (70-80 €).

Finding Hotel Accommodation In Dublin away from the center will not be a logistic problem, there is a frequent bus service in the area. Bus lines in Dublin have a lot of stops, but many of them are on request – returning to the hotel, we must look after our stop and press the stop button.

The Dublin DART (Dublin Area Rapid Transit) is also passing through Dublin. If we want to visit Dublin Bay, we can look for accommodation near one of the stations. By DART railway, we can also reach some of Dublin’s other areas.

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Dublin is not only a city of entertainment but also one of the most important business centers in Europe. This means that there are many different types of accommodation – expensive chain hotels, small hotels, hostels, B & B’s and apartments.

Tourists usually stop in small hotels, hostels and guest houses operating in historical buildings. Many of them will not have a lift and there will be uncomfortable stairs leading to the upper floors.

Another problem of historical building development is moisture – especially during the winter months in the rooms can be humid and cold. It is best to check the comments of tourists staying in the selected hotel during the same period.

This is a problem that many tourists have come across when traveling to Ireland or the UK.

If we do not have a very large budget, it is better to look for a well-rated guest house than a poorly received hotel – the conditions may be diametrically different in favor of the first one. Interestingly, guesthouses and guest houses in Ireland are also assigned stars.

In the case of the cheapest and poorly rated accommodation, we should expect poor conditions.

In which districts to look for accommodation in Dublin?

Hotel Accommodation Dublin – City Center

There is no point in cheating – Hotel Accommodation Dublin is very expensive. If we want to stay in the center, we should first find accommodation in an acceptable amount for us and possibly think about a specific area later.

Fortunately, the center of Dublin is not big and most tourists can move mainly on foot – within the center, you will reach anywhere in 20-30 and max. 40 minutes.

Hotel Accommodation Dublin – Temple Bar

The legendary area of Dublin, famous for its evening life and many fashionable places to visit during the day. This place will appeal to party people, the rest of the tourists may not be delighted with noise and stressful evening returns – all around the area (especially on weekends) after dark, many tourists and travelers are staggering

The area around St Stephen’s Green and Grafton Street

Another bustling area of Dublin is the area around St Stephen’s Green, in particular, the Grafton street (Grafton Street) passing by. Grafton Street is full of shops, cafes, and restaurants – and it’s almost always loud and loud.

The park itself is a peculiar green oasis practically in the very center of the city and can be a springboard from the surrounding crowds, although mainly in the morning – during the day there are many residents in it. We can easily walk anywhere from here.

Good reviews in this area are collected by the three-star Travelodge Stephens Green hotel, unfortunately, the prices are quite high here.

Hotel Accommodation Dublin – Docklands

If you are wondering where the headquarters have large corporations operating in Ireland – it is here. On the north side of the Liffey River is the International Financial Center, and on the south side around the Grand Canal, there are corporations associated with technology.

During the day, we meet mainly employees of nearby companies, and in the evening (or even after 18:00) the area dies a bit. If we are looking for peace and quiet, and additionally we have the right budget – this neighborhood may be for us.

For many, the advantage may be that in modern skyscrapers there is no moisture known from historical buildings. Even if we do not intend to stay here for the night, it is worth a walk and sees how the old port city was changed.

An interesting choice may be apartments in new buildings, such as Docklands Apartments Dublin City by theKeycollection.

Hotel Accommodation Dublin – Ballsbridge – the southern outskirts of Dublin

To the southeast of the center, you will find the Ballsbridge district. Low-rise buildings and a quiet climate, especially when compared to the busy and bustling center. With the exception of the Aviva stadium, there are no special tourist attractions. In the neighborhood, you can find peace and quiet, Dodder river. Ballsbridge is also known as a place for local artists and the embassy district.

We can easily get to the center from the DART train passes through the district. It can be more difficult to walk, it can take up to 60 minutes to reach the center.

The Donnybrook Lodge B & B is well located in the area. We reach the center of the guest house by bus in about 30 minutes.



Find other accommodations in the Ballsbridge area.

Before choosing Hotel Accommodation Dublin, make sure there is a communication stop nearby.


Hotel Accommodation Dublin – Drumcondra – the northern outskirts of Dublin

Drumcondra is a place diametrically different from Ballsbridge. Houses and streets are not so neat here, in the district we will see some remains of the industrial age and many buildings are in poor condition.

Even so, Drumcondra is a good place to stay. In a simple way, we can get to the center from here or, last but not least, we will reach by foot. The area has the most important stadium in Ireland, Croke Park, which hosts Gaelic sports. Luckily, we can find a much better offer here than in the center.

ABC House B & B collects excellent reviews in this area.



Hotel Accommodation Dublin – Budget accommodation

Hotel Accommodation Dublin – it is difficult to find budget accommodation for independent rooms with a private bathroom. If we want a lower price, we have to make some concessions. Cheaper rooms with shared bathroom and beds in dormitory rooms.

Both options include hostel Dublin International Hostel. It happens that the price of a private room with a shared bathroom is a little over 50 euro per night. The hostel also offers beds in dorms – let’s make sure that we have chosen a good type of accommodation. The hostel is literally a dozen or so minutes walk from the center, in the buildings of the former monastery.



Another hostel offering both options is MEC Hostel. It is located further from the center, halfway to the above-mentioned Drumcondra area.

In the case of accommodation in multi-person rooms, we can assume that the closer to the center, the more likely we will meet in such a room a larger number of visitors focused mainly on getting to know the party attractions of the capital of Ireland.

If we have a return flight in the morning or arrive very late, we can consider spending the night at the airport instead of renting a hotel. On the area of ​​Terminal 1, McDonald operates 24 hours a day, with just one night’s break for cleaning.

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