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Unforgettable Ireland Itinerary 7 Days – In 2019

Ireland Itinerary 7 Days
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Unforgettable Ireland Itinerary 7 Days – In 2019

The West Coast is a magical place, a journey in time that will allow you to discover the most original traditions of Celtic culture and the essence of this country.

It is here where language and customs are best preserved, so do not be surprised that the hospitable inhabitants will greet you with a Celtic call called ” Gaeltacht ”.

Abbey, castles, and monasteries complete this journey through the enchanting cities and villages of the Galway and Clare counties that have written the history of Western Ireland.

Ireland Itinerary

Ireland Itinerary 7 Days – TRAVEL PROGRAM

Day 1: City of origin – Dublin – Ireland Itinerary 7 Days 

With the departure to Dublin, an exciting adventure begins. When you arrive at the airport in the capital of Ireland, look for a car rental company.

There is a wide variety of offers, but if you want to make sure about a particular company, we advise you to book your vehicle in advance. Remember that the traffic is on the left side.

GPS with country maps will undoubtedly be a useful tool to reach the hotel without complications. For the rest of the day, regain your strength to start an exciting journey on the west side of the country.

Accommodation In Dublin:

  1. Affordable 
  2. Luxury

What To Do And What To See In Dublin

Visit the famous Guinness Storehouse
From the Gravity bar, you can see Dublin when you cost one of the best beers in the world

If you are a beer lover, you can not leave Dublin without visiting the Guinness Storehouse, one of the most authentic places in the city.

During this visit, you will have the opportunity to learn all the details about the history and production of your favorite drink in these lands.

Its reddish color, characteristic smell, and intense flavor made the beer one of Dublin’s favorite pleasures. A visit to the Guinness Storehouse starts on the ground floor of the main building, which you will recognize after an interesting shape of a huge glass of beer.

Here you can see a copy of the lease of the brewery signed by Arthur Guinness in 1759 for 9000 years and an interesting exhibition where you will learn all the secrets surrounding the four ingredients that makeup beer: water, hops, barley, and yeast.

The brewing process is explained on the first floor. In the large room, there are old machines that were used in the factory: mill, smoking room, dead and gigantic wooden barrels.

The second floor offers the visitor an interesting journey through the history of this iconic beer, through Guinness advertising campaigns.

On the third floor, visitors have the opportunity to check their knowledge about alcohol through various interactive games.

On the fourth floor, the exhibition tells the history of the building, from 1904 to its transformation in the visitor center in 2000.

At the end of the route, on the fifth floor, visitors have the opportunity to pour their own beer, giving him a diploma confirming this skill.

The trip ends with the roofing of the building, known as the Gravity Bar, a pleasant place from which you can admire the views of the city by tasting a pint of beer courtesy of the Guinness brand. A unique experience.

Ireland Itinerary 7 Days – USEFUL INFORMATION

Guinness Storehouse Opening Hours

Every day from 9:30 to 17:00 (July and August from 9:00 to 7:00 in the afternoon).
Admission costs 25 €.



Visit Phoenix Park by bike

Get to know the main attractions of the largest city park in Europe

With over 700 hectares of land, Phoenix Park is the largest urban park in Europe.

Created in 1662 as a deer reserve, it was rebuilt in 1745 and opened its doors to the public. It is located a few kilometers from the center of Dublin and is an important green lung city, as well as a nice place to ride a bike.

We recommend visiting the following points:

The Phoenix Column. It is a small column topped with a sculpture of the mythical Phoenix, from which the name of the park derives Dublin Zoo.

Visiting the zoo, one of the oldest in the world, is always a good solution to enjoy nature in the middle of the city. Frequently visited by residents and tourists from around the world, it was opened in 1830 with the only inhabitant then: wild boar.

Papal Cross. Discover this cross located in the place wherein 1979 the Pope celebrated Holy Mass. in front of a million believers.

Wellington monument. Take a look at this 63-meter-high obelisk raised in honor of Prince Wellington. Its construction lasted over 40 years.

Áras an Uachtaráin. Get close to the official residence of the President of Ireland.
People’s Garden is the only garden and cultivated part of the park. You will find it next to Park Gate entrance

Ireland Itinerary 7 Days – USEFUL INFORMATION

The park remains open all day. You will need three hours to four hours to visit.


Discover all the secrets of Dublin on board the ship

River trips on the Liffey River, a new and pleasant way to tourism

Take a calm cruise and discover all the secrets of the River Liffey and the charming city of Dublin.

While enjoying one of the most beautiful pictures of the country, you will learn from the hands of an experienced guide to the history of the city, from the arrival of the Vikings 1000 years ago.

Its apogee and the development of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, the rehabilitation of the Dublin waterfront and numerous attractions that have transformed this city into one of major European capitals.

During the crossing, you will cross the symbolic Ha’penny Bridge, the majestic Custom House, the Royal Canal, and the Grand Canal, and you will discover that modern Dublin is on the land of the seaward, which includes Trinity College and Monument of Light (Spire) at O’Connell Street.

Ireland Itinerary 7 Days – USEFUL INFORMATION 

Approximate duration: 45 minutes.
The ship can accommodate 48 passengers and offers all amenities and services that guarantee a comfortable and safe passage. The ship is prepared for rain.

Trinity College Dublin


Discover the bustling student atmosphere of Trinity College Dublin. His personalities like Jonathan Swift, Samuel Beckett, and Oscar Wilde have passed through him

Did you know that Trinity College in Dublin is the oldest university center in Ireland and one of the most prestigious in the world? Founded in 1592 by Queen Elizabeth I, through his chambers passed personalities of Shadow celebrity, like Oscar Wilde, Jonathan Swift, and Samuel Beckett.

Its rich library reflects the rich culture of the city. Her jewel in the crown is the Book of Kells. The library has the largest collection of manuscripts and prints in Ireland.

Since 1801, he has been given a copy of all books published in Ireland and the United Kingdom, thanks to which he currently has nearly three million books distributed in eight buildings.


During the visit, we recommend getting lost in the corners of the university, relax in small parks, contemplate elegant buildings from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, which contrast with modern sculptures, such as Henry Moore, which truly rejuvenate the university atmosphere.

Immediately after entering the main door, you will find a 30-meter belfry designed by Edward Lanyon and erected in 1853 in a place where it is believed that it was the center of an old monastery.

On the north side of the square, there is a chapel designed by William Chambers and completed in 1799. Its interior can be seen only by booking a guided tour earlier.

The Dining Hall, library square, Douglas Hyde Gallery, Science Gallery, and Samuel Beckett Theater are just some of the attractions of this academic space that offers visitors a traditional vision and a modern city.

USEFUL INFORMATION FOR Ireland Itinerary 7 Days

A visit to Trinity College is practically mandatory when traveling to Dublin.

It’s nice to walk around the campus, contemplate the buildings that build it, and go back to the past with the books of the old Library or contemplate the wonderful work of the book Kells.
The price of a ticket to the old Library and Book of Kells is around EUR 11.


Day 2: Dublin – Galway – Ireland Itinerary 7 Days

Ireland Itinerary 7 Days

Departure by rented car to Galway, through the abundant meadows in the area. During the trip, we will find a Victorian house, gardens and Belvedere Park, on the shores of Lake Ennell.

Those places that inspired writer Jonathan Swift, author of “Gulliver’s Journey.” Before crossing the River Shannon you can visit Clonmacnoise, the abbey and the Paleo-Christian monastery complex.

The next point of the journey will be the bustling capital from which the name of the county comes from. In the 15th and 16th centuries, the port of Galway was accepted by Spanish ships, which came here for commercial purposes.

That is why even today, monuments such as the “Spanish Arch” remind us of the good relations between the two nations.

Accommodation In Galway:

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  2. Sea View

What To Do And What To See In Galway

The taste of the sea and Guinness
From the Atlantic to the table

The dynamic city of Galway celebrates at the end of September a festival that gathers seafood lovers, this is the International Festival of Oysters and Seafood, which celebrates its 61st edition in 2017.

During the weekend, the city becomes the scenery of the event, which attracts thousands of people who will have the opportunity to taste over 10,000 oysters.

Those who do not like this delicacy should not skip this adorned, which in 2000 was described by the Sunday Times as “one of the 12 largest shows on earth”. The festival also has an interesting competition for the fastest oyster opener in the world.

USEFUL INFORMATION for Ireland Itinerary 7 Days

“Irish Oyster Opening Championships” is the name given to the competition for opening oysters. Admission costs about 40 € and includes, in addition to the show, food and drinks.

Look for pubs registered on the Guinness Oyster Trail, about 30 points scattered around the city, where you can try selected seafood by pouring a mug of Guinness beer.

Four meters of history
The largest fort in the Aran Islands

Fort Dun Aengus is located on Inishmore Island, on the edge of a cliff with a height of 100 meters. It is the largest prehistoric stronghold of the Aran Islands, and its name means “Strong Aengus” with reference to the god of Irish mythology.

It consists of four concentric walls, which at some points reach up to four meters thick. In addition to defending the westernmost point of Europe, they could be used as a place of worship for druids.


From the fort, you can enjoy a spectacular view of the 120-kilometer coastline.
The fort is located 7 kilometers west of Kilronan.
Access price: 3 € adults

For those traveling with children or people with reduced mobility, a good alternative is the visitor center, 900 meters away, where you can discover the history and functions of the fortress, avoiding bumpy paths.

Over 250 years with a classic taste
The strength of the mill

On the way to Galway, Dublin Kilbeggan Distillery Museum is an hour’s drive from Dublin. A unique visit will allow you to visit one of the oldest whiskey distilleries in the world.

Its walls hide 256 years of tradition in the production of this precious drink. It is located in the waters of the Brosna River and among its equipment was built a mill to use the river’s power to move machines.

The route allows you to explore the objects preserved in perfect condition (dating from 1757) and participate in tasting various whiskeys.

Although today it serves as a museum, you can see the entire distillation process initiated by a traditional mill that will not leave anyone indifferent.


Duration: 1-2 hours.
There are guided tours, although you can also visit alone, from 7 €.
Open 7 days a week.
Children under 18 years old have admission but do not consume alcohol.
Drivers have limited tasting.

Ireland Travel

Day 3: Galway – Connemara region – Ireland Itinerary 7 Days


After breakfast, we recommend taking a rental car to the Connemara region, northwest of Galway, known for its pristine beauty of landscapes, lakes, mountains, and hidden valleys.

A wonderful landscape will accompany you throughout the trip, which will allow you to visit the Connemara National Park. Horses and red Irish stags roam freely between mountains, swamps, and meadows.

In addition, the park contains remains of human civilization, such as 4000-year-old megalithic tombs. Do not forget to visit the magnificent Kylemore Abbey, which previously belonged to the lands that make up the National Park today. To bed, select one of the many guesthouses in the area.


Day 4: Connemara region – Ireland Itinerary 7 Days 



When you regain your strength, we invite you to get lost in the Connemara region, where you breathe with the ancient traditions inscribed in the truly Irish landscape. In the coastal bays, there are villages in which you can still speak Gaelic (areas called “Gaeltacht”).

And the sound of the big and flute hovers over the bustling towns around. If you decide to travel deeper into the country, you will discover Twelve Bens, a mountain range with peaks between 500 and 700 meters, which delight tourists in the summer.

Experience a unique experience in contact with nature
Much more than a park, get to know the past of Connemara

National Park Connemara is one of the six national parks of Ireland and the main tourist attractions in the country.

To get there, head west to Ireland, to Galway County. Inside the park, you can climb the Diamond Hill hill, from which you can admire one of the most beautiful views, also the only one in Ireland Killary Fjord.

The park has an area of ​​almost 3,000 hectares of mountains, peat bogs, heaths, herbs, and forests. You can also find a huge diversity of birds, many species of singing birds that nest on their trees.

If you come here in winter, you will have the opportunity to see a greater number of species that come here from other parts of Europe.

What most mammals are in the presence of people, you can find traces of their presence. Be patient and meet them on your way.

In addition to plants and animals in the Park, you can also discover traces of human civilization, such as the megalithic tombs of 4,000 years. Much of the area was once part of the Kylemore Abbey, which is near the Park and is also worth visiting.

Ireland Itinerary 7 Days – USEFUL INFORMATION

Duration of visit: 1 day.
Entrance to the Diamond hill: 3 hours.
Entrance to the Park is free
The entrance to the Park is at the end of Clifden, in Letterfrack (N59).

The park is open all year round, although the information center is only from March to October. In the center, there are exhibitions of 3D landscapes, customs, flora, and fauna Connemara. If you do not have time for the whole visit, stop only at the exhibitions that interest you most. If you prefer, you can visit the Park on a bike to make the visit faster.


Day 5: Connemara region – Clare County – Ireland Itinerary 7 Days

The next day, the journey continues through Galway to Clare. Clare’s natural attractions will arouse your admiration from the first moment.

The county is full of exceptional landscapes, from the harsh charm of the Atlantic coast, its waves, and wind, to the famous Shannon River and Lake Derg, located on the east side, where you can admire the charming towns such as Mountshannon and Killaloe.

You can not miss the spectacular cliffs of Moher, which tower over the coast of the Atlantic Ocean and extend for eight kilometers.

They reach an impressive height of up to 214 meters. They captivate the spectacular views. Look for a place to stay.  B&B in Furbo is a good choice to explore the area.

Day 6: County Clare – Kilkenny – Ireland Itinerary 7 Days 

In the final stage of the journey, we encourage you to take a rental car deep into the country. At this point, driving on the left will not surprise you anymore.

During the trip, you will go through small towns and typical Irish villages. It is compulsory to visit the “Rock of Cashel” Castle, in the heart of Tipperary, one of the most visited places in Ireland. It is an old fortress from the 12th and 13th centuries, the throne of the king and queen of Ireland before the arrival of the Normans.

The castle rises majestically on the hill and is one of the best Celtic and medieval architectural examples. In addition, it is said that it was here that the king of Munster was converted to Christianity by St. Patrick in the fifth century.

The high Irish crosses found in this enclave have become iconic patterns for this country’s jewelry. Then go to Kilkenny city for the night, famous for its medieval buildings and local crafts.

Day 7: Kilkenny – Dublin – Ireland Itinerary 7 Days

Kilkenny is the last proposed city before heading to Dublin. The trip to the capital takes a little more than an hour and a half.

Before you go you can visit the famous Norman castle of 12th century Kilkenny, see the 13th century Black Abbey, which has one of the most spectacular rosettes in Ireland, made of 10,000 ruby and sapphire glasses, or buy some souvenirs.

Accommodation In Kilkenny

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  2. Luxury

 Ireland Itinerary 7 Days – KILKENNY CASTLE

Immerse yourself in the Middle Ages in the walls of a castle full of history
In this emblematic fortification, you can enjoy one of the most important art galleries in Ireland

The picturesque Kilkenny Castle, a complex located in the city center, is a Norman fortress with more than eight centuries of history.

It is one of the largest castles in the world and is one of the places most visited by tourists. There you can get lost thanks to three wings and six floors full of artistic treasures.

With the invasion of the Normans, the Butler family came to Ireland to which the castle belonged until the middle of the 20th century when it was sold to a specialized commission, and then passed into the hands of the state and opened its doors to the public.

The basement houses the Butler Gallery, which collects works of contemporary, Irish and international artists.

 Ireland Itinerary 7 Days – USEFUL INFORMATION

Kilkenny Castle was sold in 1967 by Artur Butler for a symbolic price of 50 pounds commission for the reconstruction of castles.

On this occasion, Butler made a historic remark: “People from Kilkenny and my family and I feel great pride about the castle and we do not want to burn like it is ruining. We decided that we should not let it collapse. There are too many ruins in Ireland. ”

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