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Memorable Oyster And Seafood Festival In Galway 2019

Oyster And Seafood Festival Galway
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  • 2019-05-21

Memorable Oyster And Seafood Festival In Galway 2019

Discover Oyster And Seafood Festival In Galway

Shrimp, mussels, and above all oysters will be a culinary hit in Galway in the last week of September. The largest International Oyster Festival has been held here for 60 years.

In Irish Galway, oysters are actually daily bread. In the last weekend of September, a huge festival tent will fill the waters of the bay, filled with a characteristic marine aroma, where during the day there will be tastings and culinary demonstrations, and in the evening ceremonial events.

The highlight of the program will be the world championship in opening oysters, in which hundreds of amateurs of this not-so-difficult culinary skill will face.

The best-known Irish export hit is, of course, the dark Guinness beer, which, unfortunately, badly tolerates travel, which is why it tastes best (and most foamy) on the Green Island. In addition to seafood, which at the festival will be galore, it is worth trying typical mutton dishes from Ireland, the most common are traditional stew (Irish stew).

Oyster And Seafood Festival – Best Hotels In Galway

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